About Eric Burke and EB Morelia
My story starts like everyone else. When I was young I was fascinated with nature and everything about it, but it was the reptiles that grabbed my attention. It may have been because they reminded me of dinosaurs or maybe just because they were different. Whatever it was I was committed. My dad brought home my first lizard and I was scared and amazed all at once, but it wasn't until he brought me home a garter snake that I was hooked for life. I then began moving up the species ladder from a rat snake to eventually pick up Burmese python.

The pythons sucked me in immediately. I was amazed by everything about them. 
I began looking everywhere for any info I could find on them. The pythons held a certain mystique for me. The way they move, the way they eat, everything about them captivated my interest. I worked with a few of them for a while and then like most life happened and I traded my Dad his guitar for my snake collection. Throughout my 20's I never let go of my passion and couldn't wait to one day work with snakes again.

In 2000 after I was settled back into life I decided it was time to get another snake and it was the Burmese pythons that once again was going to scratch my itch. The reptile hobby had changed so much. I remember walking around my first reptile show thinking what the heck does het mean.
 I began putting together a collection of burms and then I wanted to have a collection of a pair of each type of python. That led me to the genus Morelia. I started researching carpet pythons and my passion was ignited!

In 2008 I picked up a pair of castles from Jason Baylin at East Coast serpents. I then decided that carpet pythons were for me. They have such beauty, such variety, such a pallet of colors. 
I began to put together my collection of carpet pythons. Hand picking from some of the greatest breeders around. I began to expand my collection to include the other species in the Morelia complex. My goal is to one day keep and breed every species of the pythons.
You want to know what my passion is....... It's Pythons!
And I can make it your's too!
My other passion began in October of 2011 with the launch of Morelia python radio. A web based radio show that focuses on morelia pythons and other Australian- Indonesian pythons. The goal is to bring you, the listener, into the wonderful world of morelia!

Tune in every Tuesday @ 9PM EST and ignite your passion!
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I saw a post on MP.com talking about doing a get together for all of the carpet python enthusiasts and thought that it was a great idea. It was something that everyone talked about, but it never seemed to work out.  I took a page from the Chondro community and carpet Fest was born. I hooked up with Howard Redding and he agreed to host the event at his home in MD. It continues to be a yearly event that grows and grows. It has even grown in other parts of the US.