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The Morelia Files

Guest spot on "From The Ground Up" podcast

by Eric Burke on 11/21/17

I was a recent guest on the podcast "From the ground up"

I had a great time and enjoyed talking with them about my experiences with reptiles.

Dwarf Burmese Python.

by Eric Burke on 11/21/17

I have added another species to the group, a dwarf Burmese python.

The dwarf Burmese python (Python bivittatus progschai) is an island based dwarf sub-species of the Burmese python (Python bivittatus bivittatus). They are native to the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, Sumbawa and Sulawesi.
They are often found in forests, and sometimes near bodies of fresh or brackish water. The sub-species seem to prefer hiding among old logs, and tree stumps. However, like their larger mainland cousins, they also seem to enjoy the occasional dip in fresh or brackish water. They do seem to mostly nocturnal, with increased active between the hours of dusk to dawn.

 photo dwrf burm female_zps4vnete69.jpg

Some new additions.

by Eric Burke on 11/17/17

I added a few more species to the collection. For people that may just be tuning in, I am trying to complete my goal of working with all of the species of pythons that are available. 

I have recently added Paupans, Moluccans, Savus, Dwarf Burmese and a Northern scrub python. 
In this post I am going to focus on the Savu python (Liasis savuensis). 
As adults, they have white eyes that earned them the name white eyed python when they were first imported into the U.S. 
Savu pythons come from the small island of Sawu. Sawu is a small island located between Sumba and Timor, on the southern edge of the Savu Sea.
This species also has the smallest range of any species of python.
I look forward to working with them and hope to be breeding them in the upcoming years.

 photo savu2_zpswn8tweua.jpg

Some new additions and the dream get's closer to a reality.

by Eric Burke on 10/24/17

Hello everyone! I am super stoked about the box of snakes that I got today. I added a few new species, a couple that I have kept in the past and one that completes a pair.

So first up lets look at a new addition that is a species that I have never kept but always wanted to, a Timor Python.
They are a cool species that are related to retics. So far this girl is chill and not crazy with fleeing and spraying you, like I have heard the species can be.

 photo _MG_1205_zpsjchmbjvm.jpg

Next would be a couple of species that I have had in the past, but had to get some again.
First up, one of my favorites. A male Burmese python. This male was produced by Chad Owsley. 

 photo _MG_1185_zpsc7efay7m.jpg

Then we have a nice and hard to come by species, Halmahera scrub python. You really don't see these for sale all that much. This is the start to my group. I have worked with these guys before and look forward to getting the group going again.

 photo _MG_1217_zpskujd54k2.jpg

Last up is a male Tanimbar python. This completes my pair and hopefully, in a few years I will take a crack at trying to breed them.

male tan photo _MG_1196_zpsrrrkoc9w.jpg

A new species to add to the list.

by Eric Burke on 10/17/17

Today is snake delivery day. You know how it goes, the whole waiting by the door for the FedEx driver to deliver that white box.

I have been on the hunt for this species for quite some time and was finally able to find a pair. 
A pair of Ringed pythons or Bothrochilus boa.
They are related to Whit lipped pythons. They are from the Bismark Archipelago. They are, from what I have been told, a more sensitive species of python. My pair was produced by Brad Chambers. I am super stoked to be able to check this species off of my list and hope to produce some of them in the upcoming years.

New directions and refocusing on some goals.

by Eric Burke on 10/17/17

The past few months I had been thinking about the direction of my reptile adventure and I have been back and forth with my thoughts on what I am going to contribute to the hobby. My goal has always been working with and try to experience the differences between as many species of pythons as I can but I stopped when I hit carpets and the goal was stalled. That goal requires a tremendous amount of dedication of time and space, but I believe that when I put my mind to something then nothing is impossible. After seeing what wasn’t at Tinley Park this past weekend it just pushed me all the harder to make that dream a reality. 
Don't get me wrong, there were some amazing species @ Tinley but I don't know if there was that one, the one that blew me away! I was on the hunt for Timor pythons and there wasn't one to be found. All in all there was a lot of cool species of pythons with no representation at the show at all. 
I should be clear that I am not trading in my love of carpets, they are and always will be my favorites, but there is so much more out there to experience and work with when it comes to pythons. I think I would get caught in this box (insert species) when working with a specific species and it’s hard to see outside that box.There is still @ least one species of python that haven’t been bred and a few that really haven’t been figured out.
In my short time of working with different species, besides carpets, I have met such great and awesome people that have a true passion of the species that they work with. I hope to be able to make this goal a reality and share with others my experiences and, if I have success, some of the species that a lot of people don’t even know exist. I think this goal will make me a better keeper and will be better for MPR. That would be what I brought back from Tinley.

Picked up some nice jungles for a few breeding loans.

by Eric Burke on 07/11/17

I am not a huge fan of breeding loans because of all of the issues that you could run into when doing them. The animal on loan could get sick or worse yet die. You could bring something into your collection that could make your animals sick. That being said, if you are going to do it my recommendation would be to only do it with someone that you are good friends with. The advantages is that you could really make a nice clutch of babies from a pairing that you wouldn't have been able to. 

I picked up these 2 jungles from Mike Brogna that will be here for a few years. They are from top notch jungle lines and will make some stellar babies.

First up is Scarlett. 
She is a '11 produced by Bryan Hummel 
from a Princess x Highlighter x Covergirl x Hope pairing
Her granddam, Covergirl, was on the 1999 Reptiles magazine cover.
She is going to be put with my Baylin jungle that has a lot of black. The idea is to make high black jungles.

Mike dark girl

This girl is from the infamous Scattershot x Deliah pairing from MIke Curtin. She is going to be paired with a Diamond jungle jag from the gamma line. 
I am pretty excited about these pairings. If you want to follow my 2018 breeding season be sure to check out my breeding diary.

Red tiger zebra jag and a zebra tiger

by Eric Burke on 06/20/17

Here are 2 snakes from a clutch I produced. They are from a Zebra jag x Red tiger. I am really impressed with how the color came through. 

Red tiger zebra jag.
 photo Red tiger zebra jag_zpskwduf5jo.jpg

Here is a zebra tiger from the same clutch.

 photo Zebra tiger_zpshsjwkjnq.jpg

New Darwin carpet python

by Eric Burke on 06/13/17

Pretty stoked to have this male darwin join my group. He was produced by Andy Watson

 photo Darwin-M-Martin Rosemond-South africa_zpslh0hrkl6.jpg


 photo Dam from Africa_zpsveawybkt.jpg 

Sire  photo Sire- From Africa_zpsobhjvdyx.jpg

GQ Irian Jaya carpet python

by Eric Burke on 06/09/17

I was super busy the last few months. Between Carpet fest, the collection and the show it seems like there isn't enough time in the day.

Recently, I had some nice additions to the carpet group.
This is a GQ line IJ. GQ refers to Gary Quirk's line of IJ's. Anthony Capenetto worked with this line quite a bit. She was produced by Chris Cannarozzi of Mystic Reptiles.
GQxGQ photo 18953373_1762330210451528_6563137001536926821_o_zpsvuqdg7pw.jpg

Some updates on a few animals, the citrus tiger story and some breeding plans.

by Eric Burke on 02/21/17

First up is a complex of pythons that I have had in my collection multiple times, but something keeps pulling me back to these awesome snakes. Scrub pythons. They are not for everyone, but they really are one of the prettiest pythons in the world.

I took a few pics of my male southern scrub

 photo Male-Southern scrub_zpsyjpzn1zv.jpg

Next up is one that I produced. This guy just keeps getting nicer every time he sheds. My albino zebra jag. He is going to be paired up with a Zebra het albino and a Caramel het albino. This would give me a shot at some pretty sweet designer carpets like Albino super zebras or albino caramel zebra jags. He will also be paired up with an  axanthic zebra which would put me on the road to Super zebra snows! So as you can see he is set up to meet with some high end girls in the upcoming years and be a cornerstone of some of our coolest breeding projects!

 photo _MG_0449_zpssf86dsci.jpg

And last but not least this male is from my Albino x Citrus tiger clutch. He should be meeting up with another Citrus tiger het albino so hopefully we will produce an Albino tiger next season. 
Some of you may ask what is a Citrus tiger. Citrus tiger is line of tigers that were produced by Will Bird. He paired a HCQ tiger to a snake that he picked up from Brian Taylor. 
It was sold to Brain as a "pure" reduced pattern jungle, but when he posted it online he was told that it was a coastal so he sold it to Will.
Will paired them up and produced what he called "citrus tigers" he called them this because they had more of an orange tone than the yellow that is seen in HCQ tigers.
This is the HCQ tiger.
 photo hqc tiger_zpscuqili3w.jpg

This is the "reduced pattern" what was called a jungle.
 photo Dam citrus tiger_zpskef7ggtn.jpg

So this is one of the males that I produced from the Albino x Citrus tiger.
 photo _MG_0446_zpseiqk0bpq.jpg

I really think that the albino tigers will be insane from this line. I am shooting for really high contrast while keeping some of those lavender tones on a perfectly striped snake! 

Thanks for visiting us!

New pickup

by Eric Burke on 02/10/17

I picked this Ij up awhile ago and just had to share. This one is amazing and will fit into my future projects. I am trying to selectively breed is the same way JCPs have been bred in the hobby. The future for Ijs are going to be amazing.

 photo IMG_0124_zpsrjiqqwhc.jpg